Windshield Replacement & Repairs

At Trinity Glass, we accept all major insurance polices.  From start to finish, our experienced team will assist you through the insurance claiming process, ensuring you receive the coverage and savings you deserve.

You can also enjoy our FREE mobile service.  We have mobile installation units, and will come to your place anywhere in West Michigan to install or replace your auto glass at a fair price!

Windshield Replacement

Do you need a Windshield Replacement?  West Michigan roads take a beating in the winter and sooner or later a stone will find your windsheild.   Our team provides mobile auto glass replacement and glass repair services in the greater Grand Rapids market.

Trinity Glass is based in Hamilton, Michigan and provides auto glass replacement for Autos, Trucks, Commercial Fleets, Motor Homes, Heavy Equipment, and even Classic cars.

The windshield is an important factor in your vehicle’s safety restraint solution.   The windshield provides structure to the passenger department and works alongside your airbags to allow deployment in the correct position. 

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Windshield Repair

Windshield repair techniques can normally take care of chips and cracks.  The most important thing is to take action before a small chip develops into a pattern of cracks or a longer crack across the entire windshield.

Windshield repairs are normally covered by your insurance as they also know it’s cheaper to fix a small chip or crack versus replacing the entire windshield.  If you can’t address the issue immediately, attempt to keep the windshield dry and free of dirt.   Drivers can use a small piece of clear packing tape to keep out dirt & debris until you can schedule the repair.

Call us at (616) 499-2670 , text us a picture, and we can usually tell you over the phone if this crack or chip can be repaired.

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Car Window Replacement

Car Window Replacement can also be other areas of your vehicle such as a Rear Windshield, Side Glass, Quarter Glass, Vent Glass, Slider, and even your Sunroof.  The majority of us rarely see issues with anything other than our front windshield, but we are here to help with everything.  

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